Cruiser News

Board Meetings

All Board Meetings Begin at 5:00 PM on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

Membership Meetings – Cocktails 5:30pm, Dinner at 6:30pm, meeting to follow.  All meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of the month.

All reservations for General Meeting to be called into Nancy Wescott by noon, one week prior to meeting  Nancy Wescott: 608-469-0556.  Bring exact amount for dinner payment.  Cancellations not made 48 hours prior and No-Shows are required to pay for their dinner.  Carry-Outs can be arranged when possible.

2021 Badger State Winter Games Snowmobile Torch Ride

2021 Badger State Winter Games Snowmobile Torch Ride from Wausau, WI to Eagle River, WI. The Torch Ride involves 14 snowmobile clubs, 4 counties, and over 200 miles of snowmobile trails. The Torch Ride is a two-day event.

DAY 1 Thursday, January 14th at 7:30 am at the Trailmates Snowmobile Club in Wausau, WI. The Torch Ride stopped in Merrill, Tomahawk, Hazlehurst, Minocqua/Woodruff, and Arbor Vitae.

DAY 2 Friday, January 15th started at 7:30 am at Cross Country Cruisers Snowmobile Clubhouse in Arbor Vitae, WI with stops in Sayner, St. Germain, Sugar Camp, Three Lakes and ending in Eagle River at the World Snowmobile Championship Derby Complex. Opening Ceremony for the World Championship races began at 6pm and Badger State Games lighting of the Torch and Badger State Winter Games Caldron.

• Day 1 of Torch Run: Joe Richie handing the torch off to Sue Suchy Representative of the Cross Country Cruisers Snowmobile Club, Arbor Vitae, WI at the Minocqua Chamber.
• End of the Day 1: putting the torch to bed at the Cross Country Cruisers Clubhouse, Arbor Vitae.
• Fred Suchy and Wayde Kraeger preparing for the start of Day 2 of the Torch Run 2021. The Cross Country Cruisers provided donuts with coffee, hot chocolate and juice to start the day.
• Representatives of KAOS – the AWSC Youth Group.
• Lighting the Torch at the Cross Country Cruisers Clubhouse getting ready to start Day 2 of the Torch Run 2021. Passing off the torch to the Sayner Barnstormers.
• Fred Suchy representing the Cross Country Cruisers handing off the torch to the Sayner Barnstorms on Day 2 of the Torch Run 2021.

Joe Ritchie handing off the torch to Cross Country Cruisers Representative Sue Suchy

End of the day putting the torch to bed at the Cruiser Barn.

Fred Suchy and Wade Kraeger preparing for the start of Day 2.

Representatives of KAOS, the AWSC Youth Group.

Lighting of the torch for the ride to Sayner.


Fred Suchy representing the Cruisers, handing the torch off to Sayner Barnstormers.

Calendar Raffle Winners 01/10 – 01/15/2021

The Calendar Raffle is off to a good start with the first week of drawings completed.
The Drawings will happen on Monday -Wednesday and Friday’s at 5pm at the Cross Country Cruisers Groomer Facility.
The winner will be called immediately after the number has been drawn for that days drawing.
The Weeks Winners will be posted on Face Book and the Website on Saturday or Sunday after the weeks drawings.
I know a lot of people have been asking about “who won” if you receive a phone call from us then you will know you won.

SO —- Early Friday posting for the weeks winners are as follows:






Remember all winners go back in and can be drawn again.
Congratulations to all winners and stay tuned for next weeks winners. Checks for current winner will go out soon.
Thanks again
Cross Country Cruisers

2021 Cash Raffle Winners

Winners from the 100 dollar Ticket Raffle were:
1. Jay Fawley $2500
2. Island City Lanes Corp $1000.00
3. Mike Reese $500.00
4. Tom Wipperfurth $250.00
5. Shauna Whitman $250.00
6. Island City Lanes Corp $100.00
7. Katy and Brandi $100.00
8. Matthew and John $100.00
9. David Cook $100.00
10. Sue Slominski $100.00

Thanks to all for participating and congratulations to the winners!

Thursday Mornings Are Groomer & Drag Maintenance Days

Join us each Thursday for Groomer and Drag Maintenance at the Cruisers barn. We start around 8:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. Equipment will be fairly snow free, since we don’t groom on Wednesdays. We always welcome more volunteers.

Hope to see you on Thursdays at the barn. If you would like more information as to what we do on Thursdays, please contact Bill Farmer at 847-922-0001

Thank you,

Equipment Manager

Bill Farmer



New Online Cruisers Store

While you are waiting for the trails to open, take a look and place your orders on our new Cross Country Cruisers online store You will find men’s and ladies apparel, caps and hats. This is just a start, we will be adding new products in weeks to come. So stay tuned.

Our store works just like ordering on any other online store. Click the product and there are views showing the logo placement on each product as well as different view of the product. There is also a sizing chart to help you order your size correctly. Add it to your cart if you desire. Once you have the items in your cart it prompts you to fill in your information and payment method. It will calculate tax and shipping at the end of the process for you.  All products will ship directly to your door and take approximately 2 weeks for delivery.

Our store is handled by Fully Promoted in Wausau, WI. If you have any problems with ordering, please contact Mike at Fully Promoted  at 715-843-0707 or email: moc.detomorpyllufnull@waseb.ekim

A Quick Update: Trails Still Closed

We have had a number of inquiries regarding trails opening. Unfortunately there is not enough snow yet to properly prepare the trails or open them. We need a lot more snow for that to happen since we have very little on the ground currently. We are hoping to get snow this week but have no idea how much will fall. However the good news is it has been cold, which means marshes and other waterways are freezing. We all want to get those sleds out and ride. We will update you as conditions change and when the trails will open on our Cross Country Cruisers website and on Facebook.  So for now, we all need to do the snow dance and send lots of prayers for snow.

Think Lots of Snow!!!!!