Trail Reports

Vilas County Trails Closing Monday, 03/08/2021

Vilas County Snowmobile Alliance has decided that all trails will close Monday, March 8th at 11:59pm. Onieda County Trails will close at 8:00am, Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Thanks for a great short cut season.
Great Job Don Schneider and Bill Lemke.

Trail Report Update 03/02/2021

Morning folks just a quick update on our trails. All trails have been groomed that last two nights and they are in excellent condition. But not for long, the forecast for this week is calling for Temps in the 40s. So now is the time to get those last rides in! Trails manager Don Schneider. More updates as the week progresses!

Trail Report 02/24/2021

Trail Report 2/24/21

Today, I rode the entire system. All Cruiser’s trails are holding up very well even with the brief warm up we have been experiencing. We received about 2 inches of heavy wet snow last evening.

Groomers will be out tonight. Temperatures are expected to be in the low teens at night which will help trails to set up very well.

· Trails 3,5,6,10,51 are in Good condition.
· Trail 11 is Fair Condition.
· Trail 17 and 51 between tin 339 and 701 are Poor.
· Trails 47 heading towards Lake Tomahawk is Good.
· The Bearskin Trail is in Poor Condition.
There are areas that have a ton of snirt near town but out in the woods is awesome. Road routes are pretty bare.

It has been a tough season with not much snow fall but we have still managed to have some very good trails overall thanks to all our volunteers grooming.

Ride Right, Ride Safe!

Trail Manager,
Don Schneider

Trail Report 02/15/2021

All Cruisers trails still remain in good to excellent condition. Because of the very cold temperatures our trails remained quite flat and have held up very well, even with the heavy traffic during Slo’s Pub Radar this past weekend.

We do want to shout out a thank you to all that braved the cold this weekend and came out to support the Cross Country Cruisers at Slo’s Pub Radar Run Event.

Last night our temperatures were dangerously cold (Below 30 Degrees). For the safety of our groomer operators and equipment, we made the decision not to send out our groomers last evening 2/14/2021. We will resume grooming operations tonight!

Temperatures will rise into the teens and 20’s this week which will make for very enjoyable riding. Weather should be great for the Lakeland Powersports Open House on February 20th. So we hope you get a chance to enjoy riding the trails to the event and help support our club.

Don’t Forget: Ride Right, Ride Safe!

Enjoy the Trails!
Trail Managers,
Don Schneider and Bill Lemke

Trail Report 02/06/2021

Good morning Snowmobile Riders! Finally some good news to report!

All Cruisers trails are in excellent condition with the exception of trail 51 North (Vandercook Rd.) where there are logging operations going on. It is very icy on corners so please slow down, stay on the right of trails and give the logging trucks the right of way.

Although the sun is shining and looks really nice, it is very cold out with below zero temperatures. It will be even colder when riding so please dress accordingly for the weather and be safe!

Enjoy the trails as they are finally in great condition! Keep Thinking Snow!


Trail Managers,
Don Schneider and Bill Lemke

Trail Report 02/01/2021

All Cross Country Cruisers trails are in Fair Condition.

Our groomer operators did a fantastic job Sunday night. Most ruts, holes and divots have been filled in. Thumbs up to all our fantastic volunteers that help make the trails the best they can be with the lack of snow this year.

Please ride very cautiously!! Slow down for corners, they are very icy. Logging areas are also very icy. Stay as right as possible on trails until conditions improve.

Good News! Thursday looks like there is snow coming that may produce between 3-6” With the current ice and snow base that we have now and with some much needed snow accumulation, it would bring our trails to good if not, excellent condition.

Fingers Crossed for SNOW!! Bring it on, we are ready.