Airport Trail Update

Posted on: October 7, 2022

The Airport Trail is nearing completion. On October 10th we will complete the signage and erect the privacy fence, which are the last elements to complete. Inspection by Vilas County forestry should occur the week of the 10th. The credit goes to our group of retired volunteers who have spent days putting in 120 blazers, signs and have brushed the north 1/4 mile. Due to airport mowing, the blazers and signs need to be taken down in the spring and put up each fall.
A 3-inch piece of pvc 16 inches long was drilled and set flush with the ground with the post set in the sleeve and secured with a wood wedge. This should eliminate driving post in the fall and having to pull them out in the spring.

The trail should be a large improvement from 2 miles of road riding.
Glenn Speich and Greg Pauli project coordinators