Barn and Equipment Spring Cleaning

Posted on: March 11, 2021

Spring work list at the Cruiser Barn

Many of these tasks can be done by several people at any time volunteers are available. There will be 2 Saturday work events, one to clean the barn and other inside chores and one for outside chores.

The dates have been set for April 10th and May 15th. Start time is 8:30. The main focus for the April 10th work day is to clean the main barn which will include vacuuming, sweeping, wash walls and doors, clean grease spots off of the floor and power scrubbing the floor with power scrubbers.

A crew of 10 to 15 is desirable to allow work breaks. Work in the storage building can be done if we have enough volunteers. Weather permitting, trail clean up will be in progress.

A cook out lunch will be provided. Volunteers to help with lunch are needed both in the planning and the day of.

The May 15th work day will include raking topsoil around the storage building plus seeding and straw mulching. Clean up of the old outdoor storage area will be undertaken. Other activities as weather allows and need to be completed yet.

A cook out lunch will be provided. Volunteers to help with lunch are needed both for planning and doing the day of.

If you wish to take part please pre-register to allow for lunch planning and determining tasks.

Send an email to moc.liamgnull@hciepsnnelg, you will receive a reply to confirm you are registered. If you do not get a reply you can call 715 216 9392 or send another email.

We will plan on some extras coming so please volunteer even if it is a late decision.

If you would like to help but are not comfortable attending the 2 larger events, pick a task that can be done by 2 to 4 people and contact Glenn Speich at 715 216 9392 to set up a time.

Tentative list of tasks as of date of publication. The regular work day volunteers are working on equipment servicing and trail work is on going now that trails are closed.

Groomers and drags pressure washed at end of season
Service oil and filters to MFGR Schedule
Wash and wax groomers
Bully 1 and drag returned to main barn
Repair damage to drag for Bully 2
Check and repair all lighting.
Install Back up cameras on Bully 1 and 2
Hand wash drags with soap and brush
Paint drags
Service rear wheel bearings on all drags
Inspect and replace blades on drags as needed
Clear out main barn and clean walls, floor and gutters
Floor to be degreased and washed with degreaser
and water
Change tractors from plows to loaders
Take brush saw to Hollywood to have brush guard installed
Pressure wash and clean mower, deliver to Quality service for sharpening
Put black dirt around new building, rake seed and mulch
Repair lawn at west driveway and Big Arbor Vitae drive
Build rack for post in new building and enlarge rack for fence
Sort all orange fence and determine what’s usable
Sort orange barrels mark 45 for Lake Minocqua, 10 for Little Abor Vitae Lake Drive
Construct awning over door to old barn
Clean up storage area west of old barn
Unplug fans at west barn.
Secure west barn for summer
Wash and service club truck, task can be split
Wash and service Polaris UTV task can be split
Sort material in small wood shed shared with fire department
Sort and put signs away
Trail work: pulling post, taking fence down, build gates at the camp ground, clean up along trail at camp ground and other trail activities that Bill and Don need completed.
Help with cook outs
Any other items that arise.

Thanks in advance for volunteering your time. It may seem like a long list, but with a good showing these tasks can be completed in short order. We’ll have some great spring cook out lunches and share some comradery with fellow Cruisers which has been sorely missed in the last year. Please come join us!

Greg Pauli
CCC Secretary