Don’t Put Your Sleds Away Yet

Posted on: March 5, 2020

Hey folks Good Thursday morning. Put your sleds away yet?

I got some news for ya! This is groomer Don.

I live just north of Kwik Trip on hyw 70 and been riding everyday.

Most of our trails near town are in very poor condition of course. As with surrounding town’s.

But the good news is all trails I ride North of HYW 70 are great. Sure there might be a bare spot here and there but easy to ride around them.

The only part of trail to avoid entirely is trail 17 in between tin 313 and 349.

Logging there and it’s down to nothing.

Trails 3,5,10,17,and 51 are good to really good.

It snowing hard as I post this and the Pines tree’s are snow covered and beautiful supposed to get about 2 or 3 inches will make for some good riding and cooling for sleds.

(I had to stop a few times to cool mine).

The next few days might be the last with temperatures in the 50s on Sunday. Well that all for now time to suit up rip some trails! And as always RIDE RIGHT @ SAFE.