Posted on: February 4, 2021

Groomer Tracker

With anticipation of more snow, now is a good time to prepare and add to your snowmobiling arsenal.
An improved GPS tracker has been added to all 4 groomers this season. The tracker is used in conjunction with an application that can be downloaded to your phone from Google Play, or the Apple App store. The applications name is “GROOMER TRACKER” or just “GT”. This application will show you the trails that the groomers have groomed in “REAL TIME”. It will allow you to see the 90 miles of trails that the Cross Country Cruisers are responsible for grooming. Also, with the sponsors signing up, their points of destination will be displayed on the map. It is very simple to use and to install on your smart phone. The application is “FREE”. The cost of downloading individual clubs is $10.00 ($5.00 of which is donated back to the individual club.)

Feel free to tag @GroomerTracker for any questions on Facebook. GT can also be contacted in the app through the “contact us” page.
Enjoy the application and the snow!