Stay On The Trail…….

Posted on: January 29, 2023

Stay on the trail or stay home…how many times have we heard that message?
Well, apparently not often enough, or not by everybody. Off trail riding impacts all of us when a few bad actors
cost all the good riders trail access.
And now it is happening here, to the Cross Country Cruisers.
Significant, repeated off trail riding on private property is about to cost all of us trail access from the 47 trail to
Stack’s Bay on Lake Minocqua. Needless to say this would have a major impact on snowmobiling in the
Minocqua, Woodruff and Arbor Vitae area.
Steps are happening now to shut down this access. The Cruisers is working to keep the access open but we may
not be successful. We will keep you all posted.
Riding off marked trail on any land is trespassing. If you are caught our club will work with authorities to
prosecute to the full extent of the law.
If you witness off trail riding, report it to proper authorities. Take a picture of the offending riders. Be a
responsible rider and help keep trail access available for the good riders!
We will keep you updated, and communicate developments as we can.