Trail Report January 25, 2021

Posted on: January 25, 2021

Hello all,

Since Oneida Trails are opening tomorrow 1/26/21 at noon and we wanted to update you on the current Cruisers trails that have been open. Our trails are definitely still in early season conditions, even though the season is almost at the half way point. There is good news to report, we did get some much needed snow on Saturday 3-5” of light fluffy snow which has improved the conditions of the trails. However, we are still in need of a lot more snow to make the trails in good riding condition.

Trails are in Fair Condition, so please be very cautious as condition can change very rapidly.
Trail 5 along highway 51 is in poor condition,
Trails 11, 10, 17, 3, 6, and 47 are in fair to good condition.

There is a ton of logging operations going on out there and they have the right away. Please if you come across a plowed trail Slow Down!! We don’t want anyone to get hurt. Trails are marked where logging operations are going on. Please slow down and be respectful to the loggers, they are just doing their job! Sorry to report that we had to shut down a trail because of snowmobilers not obeying signs for the logging operations. The trails are now closed between 354 and 356. Please see map details.

Our grooming operations are underway on a regular daily grooming schedule. Thank you Groomers and Volunteers for all the time you put in on our trails.

Ride Safe, Ride Respectful, and Enjoy! Think Snow!!!!

Trail Manager,

Don Schneider