Trail Report, January 8th, 2021

Posted on: January 8, 2021

I had this report all ready to go, only to find out just before posting – ONEIDA COUNTY IS NOT (REPEAT — NOT) OPENING THEIR TRAILS!!!!!

Trail conditions, both in Oneida and Vilas (currently open) are in
VERY VERY POOR EARLY SEASON condition! There is a lot of dirt showing.

I am recommending you reconsider riding our trails. Recommending for 2 reasons.

1) We want to respect our landowners and not damage their property when
snow is so scarce. If we damage their land, we have the potential of
losing their part of the trail – perhaps permanently.

2) There is currently a lot of dirt, rocks, roots, etc., so for the simple protection of your own sled and the resulting wear and tear, we strongly suggest you wait for improved conditions.

As of Saturday (Jan. 2nd) we have suspended ALL of our groomer

Of the 3 groomers that went out that evening, two of them came back via the roads due to conditions being so poor! WE NEED SNOW BEFORE ANYTHING CAN RESUME.

If you are north bound, please check your destination’s ride-able snow conditions.

We love to have everyone up in God’s Country, and so do our businesses – just know what to expect.

If you ride — Ride Right – Ride Safe!

Bill Lemke Winter Trail Mgr.