Trail Reports

Another Great Saturday on our Trails !!

All Cruisers trails north of Hwy 70 are signed, brushed and mowed(ready for snow)!!! Thank you Barbi Carlson for volunteering today!! The views are awesome out there. Next weekend we will tackle trails south of hwy 70. All are welcome to come out and volunteer Fridays and Saturday’s 8:30 am at the Clubhouse.  Thank You!  Don Schneider, Trail Manager

y’s 830 am at the clubhouse! Thank you! Don Schneider Trail Manger

Another Great Day out on the Trails!

Another Great Day out on the Trails!

Trail Report 02/03/2023


All trails are in good shape, they are flat even on the turns. Our groomer operators Jerry, Don, Jim, Chris, and Dennis groomed our trails late last night and early this morning. There reports were all the same, flat and rock hard. With this evaluation please, please, drive careful because they will be icy in the turns and on the hills. Please stay on the trails!!!! Trespassing will result in citations!!! Have a great weekend, ride right and ride safe!

Stay On The Trail…….

Stay on the trail or stay home…how many times have we heard that message?
Well, apparently not often enough, or not by everybody. Off trail riding impacts all of us when a few bad actors
cost all the good riders trail access.
And now it is happening here, to the Cross Country Cruisers.
Significant, repeated off trail riding on private property is about to cost all of us trail access from the 47 trail to
Stack’s Bay on Lake Minocqua. Needless to say this would have a major impact on snowmobiling in the
Minocqua, Woodruff and Arbor Vitae area.
Steps are happening now to shut down this access. The Cruisers is working to keep the access open but we may
not be successful. We will keep you all posted.
Riding off marked trail on any land is trespassing. If you are caught our club will work with authorities to
prosecute to the full extent of the law.
If you witness off trail riding, report it to proper authorities. Take a picture of the offending riders. Be a
responsible rider and help keep trail access available for the good riders!
We will keep you updated, and communicate developments as we can.

Trail Report 01/21/23

Trail update; all trails are in good shape. Our entire fleet has been pulling double shifts to make sure your riding is nothing short of awesome. The 10-12” of new snow will ensure we can rid until June! Lol. We will be continuing to groom our buns off here.

Ride Right! Ride Safe!

Trail Report 01/17/23

Trail Report, we survived one of the busiest weekends I have ever seen while I have been with the Cruisers. We did amp up our grooming to double up on our busiest trails over the past weekend. Hope all enjoyed the trails and the work of our all volunteer groomer staff.

Now for the sad news, as of Monday the 16th we have suspended all grooming until the weather straightens out. With snow coming Wednesday hopefully we will be out grooming soon. Until then please ride safe and ride right.

Trail Report 01/10/2023

Groomer operator Bill reported that the Bearskin Trail from Minocqua to Hwy K was in excellent condition as of last nights grooming. In his words “ I have never seen it so flat.”

Vandercook trail was groomed by Brian last night and he reported the trail was in excellent condition as well. Trail numbers 17/6

The Popes run as we call it or the trail to Hornwinkles, was groomed by Big Daddy Greg and he reported that the trails were in amazing condition. Trail numbers 51/10

Camp Lake trail was groomed by Dick and he said it was a great night with amazing trails. Trail numbers 10/17

Well I guess the answer is here boys and girls, get up here and ride some World Trails! Ride safe and see you on the trail.

Groomer Operator JerBear Update – Big Thank You!

Airport Trail … Complete!!

The privacy fence and remaining signs have placed on the new Airport Trail. It is Amazing! Here are a few pictures of the progress and the awesome Volunteers.  Thank you all for your hard work and dedication!

Is it Christmas Already … Is Santa Confused

Whatever the reason……The Cross Country Cruisers are proud to take delivery of our brand-new Trail Bully!


Airport Trail Update

The Airport Trail is nearing completion. On October 10th we will complete the signage and erect the privacy fence, which are the last elements to complete. Inspection by Vilas County forestry should occur the week of the 10th. The credit goes to our group of retired volunteers who have spent days putting in 120 blazers, signs and have brushed the north 1/4 mile. Due to airport mowing, the blazers and signs need to be taken down in the spring and put up each fall.
A 3-inch piece of pvc 16 inches long was drilled and set flush with the ground with the post set in the sleeve and secured with a wood wedge. This should eliminate driving post in the fall and having to pull them out in the spring.

The trail should be a large improvement from 2 miles of road riding.
Glenn Speich and Greg Pauli project coordinators

Love Groomed Trails….Groomer Volunteers needed


Love Groomed Trails…. Groomer Operators needed !!!

Cross Country Cruisers are in need of Groomer Operator Volunteers. There is nothing better than a freshly groomed trail. Cross Country Cruisers offer training for Groomer Operators and takes out the new Volunteer until they feel comfortable to be on their own. Even though the Groomer can only go 8 to 10 miles an hour, Volunteers are still getting out and enjoying the trails. The best trails come from our Volunteers. 
Please contact Bill Lemke at ten.reitnorfnull@ekmelb or call 715-432-0998