Trail Reports

Camp Lake Trail

Groomer Bill W on camp lake trail for the cruisers, making our trails great again come on up and be a beautiful weekend !!

Vilas County Snowmobile Alliance asks that you stay off trails

Trail Report

With the Rain coming this afternoon, Cross Country Cruiser groomed all trails last night and this morning making them smooth and flat.  Our Trail Manager and Operators are asking Snowmobilers to stay off the trails until they freeze up.  This will allow the base to freeze flat. Once the trails freeze and set up, we will be good to go.

Thank you, Think SNOW ***  Stay Safe and Ride RIGHT! (more…)

Trail Report 2.09.23

As of 2-09-23 the trails are holding up just fine, yes there was some melting but we still have awesome trails. The following are the trails we rode this morning:
47/W in good shape with moguls in the usual spots by the bridge.
51/17 trail headed towards Arbor Vitae were in good shape, the turns were flat with few spots of ice showing.
6/3 were in awesome shape!!! Nice and flat and little to no ice showing.
10-51N towards Hornwinkles, a few moguls in the usual spots but otherwise in great shape!
That’s all I have for now. The consensus is we are in great shape, even after all the warm weather. Grooming will restart tonight with all trails getting groomed by early am tomorrow.
Ride safe and ride right, most of all have fun!!!

Keith making the Bearskin GREAT!

Trail Report 02/03/2023


All trails are in good shape, they are flat even on the turns. Our groomer operators Jerry, Don, Jim, Chris, and Dennis groomed our trails late last night and early this morning. There reports were all the same, flat and rock hard. With this evaluation please, please, drive careful because they will be icy in the turns and on the hills. Please stay on the trails!!!! Trespassing will result in citations!!! Have a great weekend, ride right and ride safe!