Calendar Raffles 01/28-02/05, 02/06-02/12, 02/13-02/19/2021

Posted on: February 19, 2021

Winners for 01/28-02/05/2021 Calendar Raffle Drawings were:

Monday 2/1-Matthew Lederman

Wednesday 2/3–Jim Persha

Friday 2/5- John Stapelman

Winners for 02/06-02/12/2021 Calendar Raffle were:

Monday 2/8 Katrina Heller

Wednesday 2/10 Chris Stoker

Friday 2/12 Jay Fawley

Winners for 02/13-02/19/2021 Calendar Raffle were:

Shauna Whitman 2/15/21 Monday

Jeff Jakubek 2/17/21 Wednesday

Joseph Emerich 2/19/21 Friday

Thanks again to all who bought tickets!! Stay tuned for the upcoming week winners!!