Cruiser News

Board Meetings

All Board Meetings will be held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

Membership Meetings – Cocktails 5:00pm, Dinner at 6:00pm, meeting to follow.  All meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of the month.

RSVP's are required for General Meetings.  Bring exact amount for dinner payment. Cancellations not made 48 hours prior and No-Shows are required to pay for their dinner.  Carry-Outs can be arranged when possible.

Thursday Mornings Are Groomer & Drag Maintenance Days

Join us each Thursday for Groomer and Drag Maintenance at the Cruisers barn. We start around 8:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. Equipment will be fairly snow free, since we don’t groom on Wednesdays. We always welcome more volunteers.

Hope to see you on Thursdays at the barn. If you would like more information as to what we do on Thursdays, please contact Bill Farmer at 847-922-0001

Thank you,

Equipment Manager

Bill Farmer



New Online Cruisers Store

While you are waiting for the trails to open, take a look and place your orders on our new Cross Country Cruisers online store You will find men’s and ladies apparel, caps and hats. This is just a start, we will be adding new products in weeks to come. So stay tuned.

Our store works just like ordering on any other online store. Click the product and there are views showing the logo placement on each product as well as different view of the product. There is also a sizing chart to help you order your size correctly. Add it to your cart if you desire. Once you have the items in your cart it prompts you to fill in your information and payment method. It will calculate tax and shipping at the end of the process for you.  All products will ship directly to your door and take approximately 2 weeks for delivery.

Our store is handled by Fully Promoted in Wausau, WI. If you have any problems with ordering, please contact Mike at Fully Promoted  at 715-843-0707 or email: moc.detomorpyllufnull@waseb.ekim

A Quick Update: Trails Still Closed

We have had a number of inquiries regarding trails opening. Unfortunately there is not enough snow yet to properly prepare the trails or open them. We need a lot more snow for that to happen since we have very little on the ground currently. We are hoping to get snow this week but have no idea how much will fall. However the good news is it has been cold, which means marshes and other waterways are freezing. We all want to get those sleds out and ride. We will update you as conditions change and when the trails will open on our Cross Country Cruisers website and on Facebook.  So for now, we all need to do the snow dance and send lots of prayers for snow.

Think Lots of Snow!!!!!


Unfortunately the Cross Country Cruisers Board has decided to cancel the January 8-9, 2021 Winterfest celebration and fundraiser.  The decision was made due to the rising Covid-19 cases in our area. There are just too many health concerns to ignore and of course the health of our members, volunteers and attendees is paramount. There will be time (and good reason) to celebrate once things are brought under control, but for now, the Board is in agreement that we need to keep our volunteers healthy and able to perform the necessary tasks once the white gold descends upon our trails.

The WKSRA (Wisconsin Kids Snowmobile Racing Association) that has been in attendance for Winterfest the last couple of years has been notified and are looking forward to future events that we will be holding.

The 100 dollar Raffle tickets that were sold will be drawn on January 9th, 2021 at the Cross Country Cruisers Snowmobile Club meeting room at 1501 Helminski Drive, Arbor Vitae WI 54568 at 4 pm.  We will try to do a Facebook live event of the drawing.

In light of the fact Covid-19 has taken away our fundraising opportunities in 2020 as well as Winterfest 2021, the funds required to keep our trails and equipment maintained this season may be running thin. Since we do not know when our next event might occur, if you would like to help support the Cruisers trail funds, please know it will be much appreciated.

Thanks to all of our members, volunteers and supporters past present and future, here is looking to a great snowmobiling season.

Trail Report from our Fall Trail Manager Don Schneider

All of our trails have been inspected by Oneida and Vilas Counties and we passed with flying colors!! Just a few things to address and we’re good to go! All trails will be inspected by me weekly until trails are open.

Our new multi saw worked great but very tough on our John Deere with all the debris falling from 15 feet high. With some modifications it will be resolved. It was a big learning experience.

A big thank you to the maintenance crew for getting the John Deere cleaned up after the brushing. I think my butt is still sore from all the time I spent in that machine. It was used on every mile of our trails system. I as well as many others busted our butts to get our trails in the best “WORLD CLASS” conditions for the upcoming season.

I would like to thank the CCC’S board for having faith in me to take on this position. I would also like to thank the following for their dedication to help me in all the work we did this fall brushing season:

Tom Mix, Jeanne Parrish, Bill Lemke, Jim Ebert, Greg and Judy Pauli, Craig and Jessica Pacyna, Bruce Henke, Dave and Sherry Clairmore, Barbi Carlson,  Steve and Deb Wolfe, Glenn Speich, Tom Whipperfurth, Doug Wendlandt, Dick Mickle, Tom and Lisa, Jeff and Kelly Bobbie, Patti and Berry owners of Stingrays for providing free lunches after a long day brushing, Rich Nichols, Dick Jenks and Sue and Greg Slominski from Slo’s Pub for their contributions to the club and catering our annual groomer operators meeting. If I forgot any others that helped, I apologize and your efforts are much appreciated and are not unnoticed. These folks need a huge hand of applause for their efforts.

I will have trail reports every week once the trails open with straight talk from our groomer operators themselves.

Have a Very Merry Christmas! Think Snow! Stay Healthy!

Don Schneider

Volunteer Groomer Meeting

Grooming is vital to our club and having great trails during the winter months.
Volunteer Groomer Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 5th at 5:30PM at the Cruiser Barn. Please contact Bill Lemke at 715-432-0998 or moc.reitnorfnull@ekmelb if you are interested in grooming for 2020 – 2021 snow season and are able to join us at this important meeting. There will also be food catered by Slo’s Pub and beverages furnished by Whip. Social distancing is still in place due to the times. We ask that you please bring a mask as common courtesy to all members.
Thank you, Bill Lemke, Trail Manager